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The company STOPA Anlagenbau GmbH is an independent medium-sized plant engineering and construction enterprise with its headquarters in Achern, south of Karlsruhe, Germany. Established in 1963, our core business today is the development and manufacture of automated storage and supply systems, through which we have become one of the leading vendors in Europe. The central business area of storage systems is supplemented by the branches machine construction & steel construction as well as the conceptual design and erection of car parking systems. On a production floor space of approximately 13,000 square metres our team of over 200 primarily manufactures storage systems for all kinds of storable goods with the focus on sheet metal and long materials. More Informations http://www.stopa.com/ - Weitere unserer Videoproduktionen, u.a. zu diesem Auftraggeber, erleben Sie auch hier http://www.web-tv-produktion.de/ oder http://www.karrideo.de/ oder hier https://www.facebook.com/Karrideo-Imagefilm-Produktion-190668044301757

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