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Kurt Breuning IRCO Mechanical Engineering Ltd., If you need loading or unloading systems, then at Breuning-Irco, you've come to the right place. The doors of company management are almost always open, to discuss offer requests or current orders. In the head of the mechanical design department, your requirements are in the best possible hands, are checked carefully and refined with the benefit of long experience. Breuning IRCO manufactures high-performance multi-channel loading magazines, like the PROFI-mat here for 6 metre long bars. Alongside Alina we can see here the final assembly of an ecoPROFI. As with everything here, the assembly of the pneumatics is carried out with typical German diligence and enjoyment of the work. Maybe this palpable enjoyment of the job is the secret here in Steinenbronn. Channel sections are optimized for assembly, all by hand. The special feed channels, of whichever size, are always in stock here in sufficient numbers. At Breuning, around 80 employees work towards customer satisfaction, whether in order administration, receipt of spare parts, assembly cost accounting or customer management for Eastern Europe... for each area.. the appropriate personnel. At Breuning IRCO, both machines and people work at a high level. In the most important areas, for example here in the office of the head of sales and in the office of the general manager, a very apparent emphasis is placed on level-headed, direct and unambiguous communication. The company succession is already at work - here with Valentin Breuning, inserting a toggle switch which shows when a machine is empty...and Robin Breuning, here carrying out the final checks on the assembly of a SIMAG. How spindle liner tubes get a perfect runout is a company secret, so we will just glance in passing. Breuning IRCO has collected all these specialists, like these doing gas-shielded welding in the metal sheet department, here in Steinenbronn. Fundamental skills, like, for example the milling of parts, are passed on from generation to generation. We'd like to end today's tour at the final assembly of an ecoPROFI, where the final adjustment of the feed channels is being carried out. Experience people, engineering and co-operation with Breuning IRCO, whether on a personal tour, at the annual Open-House or at one of the large international trade-fairs. More information available here: http://www.breuning-irco.de/index.php/de/

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