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Kurt Breuning IRCO Mechanical Engineering Ltd., founded in 1959, the family company offers practical customer-orientated systems which contribute to the economic success of the operator. The Breuning Irco team develops, manufactures and sells bar feeders, magazine bar loaders, work-piece loaders, unloading systems and special-purpose machines, all right here in Steinenbronn. Welcome to Baden-Württemberg, one of the leading economic regions in Germany and in Europe, more precisely, welcome to Steinenbronn. From regular external meetings, sales representatives pass on client wishes but also success stories to the appropriate internal Breuning employee. Here we see an automatic short bar loader in operation at a client premises. But before we get to that, let's start by looking over the shoulder of an employee in the mechanical design department, one of the first stages in development. Theory, in the form of technical drawings, is transformed directly into practice in 3-dimensional metal form, all on-site here in Steinenbronn. Consistently innovative products are assembled directly here in Steinenbronn, to extremely high quality standards. Regular team-meetings to discuss current projects effectively are routine for everybody here. In production, in the department for material pushers, experience is required and diligence a must. Here is where the painting is done, either in typical company blue, or in red, most important is that the machine gets an attractive and top-quality new coat. While the upper and lower frames of a loading magazine are joined together, we'll take a look with Alina at the building of the electric control cabinets and, as we can see, all the specialists in the this family company work together as a team. Necessary details and client wishes were optimized earlier, here in the electrical engineering department. Now it's time for a thorough test-run... here things are fine-tuned, if necessary. Only once everything is perfect is the machine either sold to a client or, as we see here, shown in an in-house exhibition. Our second company film offers you further insights and shows large loading magazines and special solutions. More information available here. http://www.breuning-irco.de/index.php/de/

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